Fleet Solutions for Every Challenge


Solutions to help you meet your challenges

No matter the size of your fleet, whether you own or lease, success depends on having the right tools and resources. Your data needs to be interpreted, managed, and leveraged to help you continually improve the performance and safety of your fleet. For that, it helps to have the industry’s brightest minds on your side.

We will partner with you to find the right solution, including consulting services from the industry’s top experts, mobility services, and full service fleet management. We believe that solutions should be built to fit your business – not the other way around – so our experts work with you to tailor our fleet programs to meet your exact needs.


Total Cost of Ownership Tools

Our strategic consultants will help you get a handle on your fleet costs. They’ll find the right solutions for you, utilizing data and new technologies to monitor driver productivity, avoid breakdowns, and optimize timing for vehicle replacements.

Total Cost of Mobility

Work with our strategic fleet consultants to determine if short-term or vehicle-sharing options are right for your organization. Vehicle pooling is the future and can allow you to serve more drivers with lower costs.

Innovative Technology

Leverage the latest in fleet technologies to reduce costs and improve productivity. We offer telematics, personal use reporting, and data management to give you the fullest picture possible of your fleet’s efficiency.

Rightsize Your Fleet

Do you have vehicles sitting unused, or are your drivers struggling to access a vehicle when they need one? Are you unsure if you have the optimal vehicle models or upfitting to meet your drivers needs? Find the optimum vehicles and leasing options for your fleet so you stay on the road while keeping costs manageable.

Premier Fleet Account Management

FleetAssist is the premier fleet account management solution from Merchants Fleet. Expert consultants work as an extension of your team to fully manage your fleet and proactively drive efficiency, safety, compliance, and value.

Becoming a Client

It’s our mission to partner with our clients to ensure their goals are being achieved. When you are a Merchants Fleet client, we collaborate with you so you see continuous improvement in your fleet’s performance.

Better fleet solutions for better decisions.

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