Empowering Sales & Service Teams Through Custom Fleet Solutions

Sales & Service

A long track record of helping sales and service fleets

Rely on Merchants to design the most effective fleet for your sales and service teams. We have worked with sales and service fleets for many years, and will help you identify the best solutions to satisfy your drivers, minimize costs, and maximize performance.


Spend More Time Selling

For your sales fleet, we ensure your people get the best vehicles for the travel required to visit customers & prospects, attend events, and other sales activities. We take care of all administrative tasks, so your sales team can focus on what is most important – meeting prospects, serving customers, and reaching thier sales goals.

Custom Spec’ing and Upfits for Service

Service fleets can be very complex. Your fleet may need to balance any number of considerations, from cargo and safety requirements to a range of configuration and compliance issues. We help you select the right trucks and vans, and provide expert upfitting to customize those vehicles to your specifications. Examples include…

Improve Fleet Efficiency

We are here to help your sales and service teams become more productive and successful, through programs such as:

Let us help your sales and service teams excel.

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