Electric Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Management

Electric Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Management

Merchants Fleet is here to help you with all your electric vehicle (EV) maintenance management needs including reducing operating costs, minimizing administrative burdens, and optimizing efficiency. We provide a comprehensive maintenance program for both internal combustion and electric vehicles.

Electric Fleet Maintenance Service Overview

It’s important to secure the right fleet for your needs, and it’s equally important to keep your vehicles properly maintained. If they aren’t, you could face serious safety or compliance problems, business downtime, loss of revenue, and high repair costs.

Fleet maintenance will help keep you, your employees, and your business running safely and efficiently. Benefits of a fleet maintenance program include:

  • Ensuring Highest Level of Safety
  • Lowering Fleet Repair Costs
  • Reducing Operational Costs
  • Helping Maximize Resale Value Opportunity
  • Negotiating Cost Savings
  • Increasing Control Over Approvals
  • Enhancing Compliance with Environmental Regulations, Including the Department of Transportation and State Emissions Inspections
  • Maximizing Fleet Management Software Operations and Implementing Updates

Certified Techs

We have a national network of repair facilities staffed with EV-certified mechanics to make sure that your EVs are properly maintained and serviced. We also have EV-trained mechanics on staff to answer any questions you may have.

TotalView EV Maintenance Reporting

Accurate and clear maintenance billing and reporting is critical to managing fleet costs, as is understanding the larger picture of your fleet’s lifecycle. We can help you get started with a customized maintenance package that works best for your fleet.

With TotalView, our cloud-based fleet management software, you can easily track maintenance expenses, view vehicle maintenance history, and access key reports.

With TotalView, you can also:

  • Capture Complete Purchase Order Data
  • Get Full Pricing Transparency in PO Details
  • Receive Exception-Based Reporting and PM Alerts
  • Access Vehicle Maintenance History and Comprehensive Reporting
  • View EV and Internal Combustion Vehicle Reports on One Dashboard

Maintenance Network

Finding the right place to maintain and service your fleet is simple with our nationwide network of preferred vendors. We can help you find EV repair locations across the country with our convenient mobile app.

Preventative Maintenance Alerts

Using TotalView, we can help set up preferences for email or text-based alerts to ensure that your vehicles never fall behind on maintenance. We can help you set up custom alerts, like notifying your drivers if they’ve passed an interval or if a vehicle has missed a routine service appointment

Warranty Handling

No matter the type of vehicle, we are committed to handling your warranty claims to help you save time and cut costs.

A member of our fleet maintenance team will negotiate and coordinate warranties on your behalf, ensuring that the repair facility is informed so that you are not billed. In some instances, our relationships with OEMs and policy providers allow us to seek out opportunities for goodwill coverage in the event that your warranty has lapsed or does not cover certain incidents.


Policy Management

Our FleetAssist team specializes in developing Merchants Fleet and client-specific policies to help you maximize cost savings, initiate driver behavior changes, and more.

We have systematic capabilities to ensure that your business’ specific needs and preferences are always met by our vendor network of technicians. If you prefer not to have snow tires on you fleet, or you would like to implement a tire-purchasing program, our team can help you create tactical and strategic policies.

24/7/365 Roadside Assistance

When you enroll in the Merchants Fleet Roadside Assistance program, you are giving yourself and your drivers ultimate peace of mind. Whether it is a flat tire or dead battery, you will have a toll-free number to call any time of day or night. Merchants Fleet’s roadside assistance program and even help you with emergency charging needs anywhere in the USA.

Fleet Maintenance Programs

We provide a comprehensive maintenance program for all EV and internal combustion engine (ICE) car and truck models. Our maintenance programs include access to a nationwide vendor network, so you can keep your fleet supported from anywhere.

“Since partnering with Merchants Fleet last year, their professional team members have provided excellent service and offered innovative solutions to address our unique needs.  Merchants has proven to be a top-tier fleet management company, exceeding our expectations on all levels.”

“My experience has been one of overwhelming delight. Merchants facilitates the expansion of Novus Ag business possibilities with their experienced professional staff by engaging in supporting activities. Allowing Novus Ag to lease short term vehicles while factory ordering enables us to save tens of thousands while immediately placing the employee in a high-quality truck. From permitting Novus to lease agricultural, material handling assets, to fuel and maintenance programs, we consider them a valuable partner.”

Michael Gates
Corporate Services - Fleet, Novus Ag, LLC

“Floor Coverings International is proud to partner with Merchants Fleet.  Their responsiveness and consultative approach has been beneficial to us and our franchise partners.”

Neil Daley
Director of Merchandising, Floor Coverings International

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer for maintenance alerts and reporting?

With TotalView, our fleet management software, you can access purchase order data and key reports. We can also set you up to receive email or text-based preventative maintenance alerts to help ensure your vehicles stay on the right track.

How large is your vendor network?

Our selection of maintenance programs includes a nationwide network of more than 45,000 preferred vendors. We also have EV specialized maintenance facilities within our vendor network to ensure your EVs are properly maintained and serviced.

What are my maintenance billing options?

We allow you to choose a pricing structure that works best for you. With our full maintenance program, you pay one fixed monthly payment, and we handle everything. The fee never changes, no matter how much we work on your fleet. Administered maintenance enables you to pay for repairs as you go. Reserve maintenance allows you to pay a fixed amount each month, and at the end of the lease term, all bills are reconciled, and the account is balanced. The final option is tailored maintenance, which is a customized solution for your fleet.

Where do my drivers go for maintenance, and what is included?

Choose from any of our 45,000+ preferred nationwide vendors, and if your vehicles are unable to leave your facility, we’ll schedule an ASE-certified technician to visit your location to service your vehicles. You can also find repair locations on-the-go with our mobile app. Plus, if you enroll in our Merchants Fleet Roadside Assistance program, your drivers have a toll-free number to call day or night in the event of a maintenance emergency. What is included will depend on your fleet maintenance program.

Why is fleet maintenance important?

Failure to properly maintain your fleet can result in serious safety and compliance problems, business downtime, loss of revenue, and high repair costs. Fleet maintenance will help keep you and your business running safely and efficiently.

Average fleet vehicles receive maintenance almost 6 times per year.

Let Merchants Fleet simplify your fleet maintenance with a customized program. Call 866.653.2737 or click below.