Electric Vehicle Fleet License & Title Services

Electric Fleet License & Title Service Overview

Merchants Fleet has a dedicated fleet license and title registration team to handle the overhead of transitioning to an electric vehicle (EV) fleet. We have the knowledge and expertise to get your EVs properly registered across all 50 states. Whether you’re looking for new battery electric vehicles (BEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), or hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), we streamline the license and title process for you, so you can skip the line at the DMV and focus your attention on the road.

Fleet Licensing & Title Services

Services include:

  • Title And Registration Services
  • Fleet Vehicle License Plate Processing
  • Specialty Plates
  • Interstate Re-Registration or Registration Renewals

Avoid Violations and Downtime

Merchants Fleet will complete all title and registration services quickly and accurately. We offer automatic monthly renewal processing, and title and registration changes are integrated with driver changes. Get your fleet registered and running smoothly by avoiding costly violations or downtime.

Easily Understand Admin Costs

All charges are combined in one monthly invoice for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does fleet registration mean?

Our license and title experts are assigned to specific states, which means they understand the laws, processes, and standards for registering and licensing your fleet vehicles. We also keep track of changes that occur from state to state, which means fewer errors and quicker turnaround.

How does Merchants Fleet handle registrations, title, and licensing?

We have an entire team dedicated to managing the license, title, and registrations of your fleet. Our experts understand all the intricacies and requirements pertaining to vehicle paperwork for all 50 states. We can help, no matter what you need — including title changes, specialty plates, interstate registration, and registration renewals.

Are there benefits to having Merchants handle my registration, title, and leasing needs?

Taking advantage of our title and registration services, license plate processing (including specialty plates), and registration renewals or interstate re-registration will save you time and effort while preparing your vehicles for the road. They’ll ensure your vehicles are properly registered to avoid costly fines.