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Work with Merchants Fleet to power your organization toward electric vehicle (EV) fleet adoption.

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The road to EV adoption begins by educating both yourself and your organization about EV basics, EV markets, and the charging infrastructure required to support Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) like EVs.
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The Road to EV Adoption
1. Learn
2. Align
3. Plan
4. Pilot
5. Adopt
Educate yourself and gather resources to educate your organization about the EV landscape, including makes and models, related technologies, and the ecosystem of core industry players that offer support services like charging and infrastructure.
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Develop your organization’s position on EVs, match EV implementation to Environmental Social Governance (ESG) goals, and then get organization-wide buy-in.
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Assess where EV adoption fits into your fleet, and determine your starting point. Outline the transitional steps, including infrastructure needs, public mandates, driver training, and EV ordering strategy. Clearly define your budget, including any grants or incentives to offset costs.
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Perform a focused test, implementing EVs in a select portion of your fleet to learn, assess, and understand how to scale across your operations. Determine a pilot timeframe and focus on data gathering and field feedback so you understand how your EV strategy might impact operations.
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Work toward full EV adoption and integration, optimize EV performance, and track progress toward sustainability goal achievements. Remember to revisit your progress and update your EV vision regularly.
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EV Strategy & Planning
We combine the best in EV infrastructure and technology to offer a variety of services and solutions to help you manage your EVs from acquisition to disposition. Depending on your electric vehicle model and manufacturer, you may be eligible for a tax credit in the year of purchase.
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Vehicle Options
What types of EVs will work for your organization? BEVs? FCEVs? HEVs? or PHEVs? See makes and models, both available now and coming soon. Research vehicle specs, battery capacity, range and more.
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Charging & EV Services
Take advantage of Merchants Fleet's huge network of charging partners, and leverage our energy services such as acquisition and deployment, open and closed-end leasing, rent-to-lease, and much more.
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