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Fleets across every industry are looking for ways to take advantage of the cost savings and ESG benefits of electric vehicles (EVs). The challenge: creating a futureproof plan for charging infrastructure that gets you the compatibility for today and the scalability for tomorrow. The EV experts at Merchants Fleet have developed the ClearCharge™ program as the solution, allowing fleets to easily plan, develop, and implement customized solutions to meet the evolving charging needs of their business.

Whether your fleet is looking to administer employee home charging, install electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) for office or depot charging, or find a mobile charging solution, the ClearCharge program helps make it simple.

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ClearCharge Home

EV Home Charging Made Simple

ClearCharge Home is an easy, end-to-end service for employee home charger installations and accurate energy reimbursement reporting. Merchants streamlines the process by ensuring charger compatibility for your fleet, coordinates installation through a licensed installer network, and provides fleet managers with electricity expense data for straightforward reimbursements. The result: home charging is finally simple enough to make fleet electrification accessible.
ClearCharge Home FAQs | Merchants Fleet

How it Works

Select the Right Home Chargers for Your Application

We’ll help you choose from our list of approved EV chargers that are compatible with your EV fleet, charging speed requirements, and budget.

Receive a Quote from a Licensed Electrician

Easily manage installation costs through a standardized process and reliable installation quotes. Your employees complete a short questionnaire on their smartphone to get their custom quote, which you can review and approve prior to installation – or auto-approve with a set threshold amount. Most quotes are generated through employee-submitted photos, while some require on-site evaluation.

Drivers Enjoy a Streamlined Installation Process

An approved licensed and insured electrician from our vendor network will schedule the installation with your driver. They’ll pull any applicable permits (if needed) and perform the installation of the charger your organization has selected. Employees do not have to lay any money out of pocket.

Get Accurate Charger Monitoring and Energy Tracking

After installation, you’ll be able to track charging data and associated costs to reduce reimbursement complications. Get charger reporting that allows fleet managers to audit vehicle charging, if needed, with energy costs that don’t require additional calculations.

ClearCharge Work

Futureproofed Workplace Charging Deployments for Fleets

Simplify the charging infrastructure installation process at your workplace from start-to-finish with the trusted EV experts at Merchants Fleet. With decades of electrification experience, Merchants helps organizations of all sizes streamline the complex process of planning and deploying EV infrastructure. Choose from three program levels to align with your fleet’s operations:

ClearCharge Work – Merchants assists your organization with its charger purchase.
ClearCharge Work Plus – Merchants manages your infrastructure deployment with your facilities personnel and/or installers.
ClearCharge Work Pro – Merchants manages all aspects of your EVSE deployment.

ClearCharge Work FAQs | Merchants Fleet

How it Works

Develop a Customized Charging Infrastructure Plan

Receive expert support, no matter where you are on your EV journey, as Merchants coordinates the design and development of your custom infrastructure plan. With “futureproofing” as a top priority, we’ll help you get it done right the first time to avoid unnecessary costs down the road.

Keep Tabs on Your Project with Scheduled Check-Ins

Merchants’ EV consultants make it easy to keep a pulse on your project without the need to manage the minutiae of your installation. Select ClearCharge Work Plus or ClearCharge Work Pro and the Merchants EV consultants allow you to focus on your fleet and avoid the burden of managing a complicated charging infrastructure installation.

Guarantee Success with Post Commissioning Training

ClearCharge Work Pro includes training for your workplace personnel to ensure a smooth start up and roll out of your new charging.


Work Plus

Work Pro

Charger Purchasing & Shipment Includes Everything from ClearCharge Work + Working with Client Identified Installers. Merchants Manages the Project Turnkey Solution, Merchants Sources, Quotes & Manages All Aspects of Charging Station Deployment
Purchase Charging Stations Equipment on Client’s Behalf

Provide Purchase Orders for Charging Stations 

Invoice Client for Charging Station Equipment

Confirm Delivery of Charging Stations to End Install Site

Charging Station Portal Setup & Training

Grants and Incentives Review & Recommendations

Develop and Maintain Deployment Project Plan

Daily Deployment Support

Periodic Status Updates

Coordinate Deployements with Client's Facilities Personnel 

Coordinate Deployments with Client Identified Installer(s) 

Manage Charging Station Commissioning

Coordinate Deployments Performed by External Installers

Grants & Incentives Application Assistance

Manage Charging Stations Supplier Quote Process

Manage Procurement & Delivery of Charging Stations

Coordinate Installer Payment Process & Billing Consolidation

Infrastructure Evaluations, On Site Support

Charging Station(s) Installation, On Site Support

Charging Station(s) Commissioning, On Site Support

Post Commissioning Training for Client Personnel

Executive Reviews & Updates

ClearCharge Public

Cross-Network EV Charging & Payments

ClearCharge Public is an all-in-one solution for EV fleet drivers to recharge on the road. Locate a charger, authenticate payment, and initiate charging all from a single app. Coming soon.

How it Works

Download the App A single app eliminates the need for multiple plans and subscriptions giving your drivers access to the most popular charging stations across the USA.
Easily Locate and Navigate to Local Charging Stations With one click in the app, drivers can easily navigate to their desired public charger. Charger distance, drive time and directions are provided, allowing for charging during their trip to eliminate downtime and maintain productivity.
Card-Free Payments Simplify the Charging Experience Drivers authenticate payment directly from the app using the preferred payment method for your organization. This allows for ease of tracking and consolidates billing and payments. Automatic receipts provide fleet managers with a summary of charger transactions per vehicle.

ClearCharge DropStation

The EV Fleet Mobile Power Solution

ClearCharge DropStation is a portable power plant to keep your EV fleet working as hard as you do. Use it on remote job sites to power up for the trip back, charge up vehicles in the field that have run low on battery, and fully eliminate range anxiety for your drivers. Coming soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What states is ClearCharge Home available?

Our approved installer network is available throughout the United States.

Can Merchants Fleet manage my EVSE installation if I provide my own charging hardware?

To ensure compatibility and warranty with the OEM, ClearCharge Work projects can only be supported when sourcing hardware through Merchants Fleet.

If I don’t manage a fleet can I still take advantage of ClearCharge Work at my workplace or business location?

With the goal of helping fleets go electric across the country, at this time we are only offering charger infrastructure services to organizations that have adopted or are looking to adopt EVs.

What payment methods can you use through ClearCharge Public?

All major credit cards are accepted. Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Wex are not supported at this time.

When will ClearCharge DropStation be available?

Reservations are open now for ClearCharge DropStation with deliveries starting in Q3 2023.

Can Merchants Fleet help my fleet acquire electric vehicles, too?

Yes! Our EV experts offer consulting services to help you find models that are a great fit for your fleet and your budget and can help you acquire the latest models like the BrightDrop Zevo 600 electric cargo van and Chevrolet Silverado EV pickup truck.

Get Connected with a Merchants EV Expert Today

Our electrified fleet experts are happy to discuss your EV journey, whether you’re just dipping your toes into learning about models which could work for your organization or if you’re already ready to get ground broken for new charging infrastructure. We know what has already worked for our clients, and we’re ready to lead the charge with you.
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